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CMOHS.org - Sergeant O'CONNOR, ALBERT, U.S. Army

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Rank: Sergeant
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: Company A
Division: 7th Wisconsin Infantry
Born: Canada
Departed: Yes
Entered Service At: West Point Township, Columbia County, Wis.
G.O. Number:
Date of Issue:  
Accredited To:
Place / Date: At Gravelly Run, Va., 31 March and 1 April 1865


On 31 March 1865, with a comrade, recaptured a Union officer from a detachment of 9 Confederates, capturing 3 of the detachment and dispersing the remainder, and on 1 April 1865, seized a stand of Confederate colors, killing a Confederate officer in a hand_to_hand contest over the colors and retaining the colors until surrounded by Confederates and compelled to relinquish them.