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CMOHS.org - First Lieutenant OSTERMANN, EDWARD ALBERT, U.S. Marine Corps

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Rank: First Lieutenant
Organization: U.S. Marine Corps
Division: 15th Company of Marines
Born: 1883, Columbus, Ohio
Departed: Yes
Entered Service At: Ohio
G.O. Number:
Date of Issue:  
Accredited To:
Place / Date: Vicinity Fort Liberte, Haiti, 24 October 1915


In company with members of the 15th Company of Marines, all mounted, 1st Lt. Ostermann left Fort Liberte, Haiti, for a 6-day reconnaissance. After dark on the evening of 24 October 1915, while crossing the river in a deep ravine, the detachment was suddenly fired upon from 3 sides by about 400 Cacos concealed in bushes about 100 yards from the fort. The marine detachment fought its way forward to a good position, which it maintained during the night, although subjected to a continuous fire from the Cacos. At daybreak, 1st Lt. Ostermann, in command of 1 of the 3 squads which advanced in 3 different directions, led his men forward, surprising and scattering the Cacos, and aiding in the capture of Fort Dipitie.