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Rank: Fireman Second Class
Organization: U.S. Navy
Born: 25 November 1890, New Washington Capig, Philippine Islands
Departed: Yes
Entered Service At:
G.O. Number: 142
Date of Issue: 04/01/1915
Accredited To: Philippine Islands
Place / Date:


For extraordinary heroism in the line of his profession at the time of the boiler explosion on board the U.S.S. San Diego, 21 January 1915. Trinidad was driven out of fireroom No. 2 by the explosion, but at once returned and picked up R.E. Daly, fireman, second class, whom he saw to be injured, and proceeded to bring him out. While coming into No. 4 fireroom, Trinidad was just in time to catch the explosion in No. 3 fireroom, but without consideration for his own safety, passed Daly on and then assisted in rescuing another injured man from No. 3 fireroom. Trinidad was himself burned about the face by the blast from the explosion in No. 3 fireroom.