Recipient Detail



Rank: Sergeant
Organization: U.S. Marine Corps
Company: 66th Company
Division: 5th Regiment
Born: 1 May 1888, Sebenes, Austria
Departed: Yes
Entered Service At: Minneapolis, Minn.
G.O. Number: 34
Date of Issue: 12/31/1919
Accredited To: Minnesota
Place / Date: Near Villers-Cotterets, France, 18 July 1918


When his company, advancing through a wood, met with strong resistance from an enemy strong point, Sgt. Cukela crawled out from the flank and made his way toward the German lines in the face of heavy fire, disregarding the warnings of his comrades. He succeeded in getting behind the enemy position and rushed a machinegun emplacement, killing or driving off the crew with his bayonet. With German handgrenades he then bombed out the remaining portion of the strong point, capturing 4 men and 2 damaged machineguns. SECOND AWARD For extraordinary heroism while serving with the 66th Company, 5th Regiment, during action in the Forest de Retz, near Viller-Cottertes, France, 18 July 1918. Sgt. Cukela advanced alone against an enemy strong point that was holding up his line. Disregarding the warnings of his comrades, he crawled out from the flank in the face of heavy fire and worked his way to the rear of the enemy position. Rushing a machinegun emplacement, he killed or drove off the crew with his bayonet, bombed out the remaining part of the strong point with German handgrenades and captured 2 machineguns and 4 men.