Recipient Detail



Rank: Private First Class
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: Company E
Division: 142d Infantry, 36th Infantry Division
Born: El Paso, Tex.
Departed: Yes (11/26/2007)
Entered Service At: Phoenix, Ariz.
G.O. Number: 75
Date of Issue: 09/05/1945
Accredited To:
Place / Date: Near Mertzwiller, France, 15 March 1945


He advanced with a platoon along a wooded road until stopped by heavy enemy machinegun fire. As the rest of the unit took cover, he made a 1-man frontal assault on a strongpoint and captured 8 enemy soldiers. When the platoon resumed its advance and was subjected to fire from a second emplacement beyond an extensive minefield, Pvt. Herrera again moved forward, disregarding the danger of exploding mines, to attack the position. He stepped on a mine and had both feet severed but, despite intense pain and unchecked loss of blood, he pinned down the enemy with accurate rifle fire while a friendly squad captured the enemy gun by skirting the minefield and rushing in from the flank. The magnificent courage, extraordinary heroism, and willing self-sacrifice displayed by Pvt. Herrera resulted in the capture of 2 enemy strongpoints and the taking of 8 prisoners.