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CMOHS.org - Ordinary Seaman COTTON, PETER, U.S. Navy

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Rank: Ordinary Seaman
Organization: U.S. Navy
Born: 1839, New York, N.Y.
Departed: Yes
Entered Service At:
G.O. Number: 11
Date of Issue:  
Accredited To: New York
Place / Date:


Cotton served on board the U.S.S. Baron De Kalb in the Yazoo River expedition, 23 to 27 December 1862. Proceeding under orders up the Yazoo River, the Baron De Kalb, with the object of capturing or destroying the enemy's transports, came upon the steamers John Walsh, R. J. Locklan, Golden Age and the Scotland, sunk on a bar where they were ordered to be burned. Continuing up the river, the Baron De Kalb was fired upon but, upon returning the fire, caused the enemy's retreat. Returning down the Yazoo, she destroyed and captured large quantities of enemy equipment and several prisoners. Serving bravely throughout this action, Cotton, as coxswain "distinguished himself in the various actions."