Goals of the Society

On August 5, 1958 President Dwight Eisenhower signed legislation sent to him by Congress chartering the CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR SOCIETY. The purposes were clearly spelled out in its charter (which can be found in Title 36 U.S.C., Chapter 33).

The objectives and purposes of the Society are as follows:

  • To form a bond of friendship and comradeship among all holders of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

  • To protect, uphold and preserve the dignity and honor of the medal at all times and on all occasions.

  • To protect the name of the medal and individual recipients of the Medal from exploitation.

  • To provide appropriate aid to all persons to whom the medal has been awarded, their widows or their children.

  • To serve our country in peace as we did in war.

  • To inspire and stimulate our youth to become worthy citizens of our country.

  • To foster and perpetuate Americanism.