Board of Directors
President:  Harold A. Fritz
Vice-President:  Bruce P. Crandall
Secretary:  Allen J. Lynch
Treasurer:  Donald E. Ballard
Immediate Past President:  Leo K. Thorsness
First Regional Director:  Thomas G. Kelley
Second Regional Director:   Harvey C. Barnum, Jr.
Third Regional Director:  Walter J. Marm, Jr.
Fourth Regional Director:  Patrick H. Brady
Fifth Regional Director:  Kenneth E. Stumpf
Sixth Regional Director:  Jay R. Vargas

Appointed Officers
Chaplain:  Gary Beikirch
Parliamentarian:  Allen Lynch
Sergeant-At-Arms:  Alfred Rascon
Historian: Hershel "Woody" Williams
Designated Agent, District of Columbia:  Brian Thacker

Standing Committees
Nominations Committee Chairman:  Leo K. Thorsness
Finance Committee Chairman:  Don Ballard
General Meeting Liaison:  Harold "Hal" Fritz
Scholarship Committee Chairman:  Walter J. Marm
Veterans Day Committee:  Brian Thacker
FBI Liaison:  Richard "Rick" Pittman

National Headquarters
Director of Operations:  Victoria Kueck (non-recipient)