Medal of Honor Character Development Program

Medal of Honor Excellence in Character Education Award

Educators in classrooms across the country are teaching students about the values embodied by America’s Medal of Honor Recipients through the Medal of Honor Character Development Program. Each year, the Medal of Honor Society recognizes a group of these educators through their Excellence in Character Education Awards. The award honors these educators and their leadership in inspiring students to live by the Medal’s values of courage, commitment, sacrifice, citizenship, integrity, and patriotism.

Information on the 2021 Awards will be posted soon.

The Applicants

Elementary, middle and high school teachers who have taught the Medal of Honor Character Development Program for one semester or more are eligible to apply for the Character Education Award.

Prior applicants who did not previously win the award are allowed to reapply. Please note that some application requirements have changed from previous years.

The Application Process

Applications may be submitted through an online form. Our selection panel includes Medal of Honor Recipients and educators affiliated with the Character Development Program.

Stay on the lookout for our 2021 online submission form. To get a head start on your submission, see the list of application requirements.

Application Requirements:
Four items are required to apply. Please provide basic contact information, a brief biography, one letter of recommendation from a peer or supervisor (500 words or less) and an accompanying essay to address the following (1,000 words or less):

  • Your first introduction to the Character Development Program
  • Overview of the program's implementation in your classroom
  • Your creative approaches to teaching students about program values and/or stories of Medal of Honor Recipients and Citizen Heroes
  • Overview of student outcomes.

The Prize

Each winner receives a $5,000 prize at a special award ceremony.

Previous Winners

Since its 2017 inception, 10 educators have received the Medal of Honor Excellence in Character Education Award. Noted for their great achievement in creatively inspiring students with stories of our Medal of Honor Recipients' great sacrifice, the impact of these excellent educators will continue for generations.

Information on the 2023 Awards Will Be Posted Soon.