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Ordinary People Can Do
Extraordinary Things

Whether they happen in a single instance of bravery or through continued service to others, acts of courage and self-sacrifice symbolize the American spirit—and are recognized every year by our nation’s greatest heroes, the Medal of Honor Recipients, through the Citizen Honors Awards.

Nominations for 2025 Citizen Honors Awards Now Open!

Single Act of Heroism Award

Recognizes Americans who accomplish extraordinary feats of heroism by risking their lives for the benefit of others in a dire situation.

Young Hero Award

Recognizes young Americans aged 17 or younger for their courage in a dire situation.

Service Act Award

Recognizes Americans who consistently place others before themselves through a focused initiative of volunteer service.

Community Service Award

Recognizes a community-based non-profit organization for its exceptional impact or mission in supporting our nation’s military service members and families.

Youth Service Award

Recognizes young Americans age 8-17 for placing others before themselves through volunteer service.

Selecting The Citizens

Every year since 2007, a nationwide search is conducted to select five United States citizens and one organization to receive the Citizen Honors Awards. The Awards are one of the numerous ways the Congressional Medal of Honor Society fulfills its mission to promote the values embodied by the Medal: courage, sacrifice, integrity, commitment, patriotism, and citizenship.

A panel assembled by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society considers all nominations and selects national finalists. Then, a second panel made up exclusively of Medal of Honor Recipients—Americans whose actions have truly defined the words “courage” and “selfless service”—selects individuals and organizations from those finalists to receive the Citizen Honors Awards.

Who Can Be Nominated?

Any United States civilian who, through a singular act of extraordinary heroism or through a prolonged series of selfless acts, clearly demonstrated a willingness to place his or her own life at risk for others or has dedicated themselves to the service of others can be nominated. In all cases, the actions being honored must epitomize the concept of “service above self” and must be performed “above and beyond” one’s professional or vocational area of responsibility or conduct. Young Americans aged 17 and under can be nominated for their courage or dedication to service. Community organizations can be nominated for their exceptional impact or mission in supporting our nation’s military service members and families.

Please note: Individual nominees who are deceased are eligible. Nominees must be a U.S. citizen. All acts must have occurred within the 12 months prior to nomination. Acts of valor or service cannot have been performed towards one’s own family members. Community organizations must be certified non-profits and must currently be in operation. Government and government-affiliated organizations are not eligible. Self-nominations for individual awards will not be accepted. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society reserves the right to not present an award in a particular category in any year.

Nominate a Citizen Hero

If you are aware of a fellow citizen, neighbor, co-worker or family member who deserves recognition for extraordinary acts of courage or service, nominate him or her today for the Citizen Honors Awards.

Nominate a Citizen Hero

Important Dates

2025 Award Nominations Ongoing - Deadline December 1, 2024

2025 Award Ceremony March 25, 2025

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