Courage Can Begin with a Dot

  1. Introduction

    The "Teaching Courage" lesson plan will teach your elementary students the true meaning of courage through a combination of individual activities, including a dot art project representing their understanding of courage, and teachings from Peter H. Reynold's The Dot. The module starts with an introductory activity that asks students to read The Dot and answer questions that test their knowledge. Then, students will create their own dots using either a piece of paper and crayons, or a coffee filter and watercolors, and post all of their dots in one place. After allowing students to take a gallery walk and observe each piece of art, you'll engage in a discussion and reflection on the activity to determine what students learned about courage as a core value.

  2. Objectives

    Students Will:

    • Deepen their understanding of courage

    • Create a dot art project representing courage

    • Reflect on and analyze their experiences of being courageous

End Of Lesson

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