Courage to Leave Your Comfort Zone

  1. Introduction

    Taught in three 60-minute sessions, this courage lesson plan will teach your students to hold courage and depart from their comfort zones through the inspiring story of Medal of Honor Recipient Gary Beikirch. Designed for 5th-grade classrooms, the "Courage to Leave Your Comfort Zone" lesson asks that teachers post a collection of signs around the room to accompany individual and whole group activities. Taught in three 60-minute sessions, your students will find their own sense of courage with a combination of real Medal of Honor stories and interactive projects.

  2. Objectives

    This lesson is taught in three 60-minute Sessions

    "Life will not become significant until you learn to live outside your comfort zone."

    – Gary Beikirch, United States Army, Medal of Honor Recipient

    Students Will:

    • Learn about Medal of Honor Recipient Gary Beikirch

    • Identify ways they can be courageous by living outside of their comfort zones

End Of Lesson

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