About the Medal of Honor Character Development Program

The Medal of Honor Character Development Program, designed for 6th-12th grade students, consists of academic lesson plans based on the stories of Medal of Honor Recipients and citizen heroes. These content-rich non-fiction primary sources and engaging narratives differentiate this resource from other character programs. While learning history and practicing a variety of academic skills, participating students also develop values that will benefit them and the communities they live in. The free secondary curriculum can be easily adapted for use in a variety of classes and expanded to provide a basis for service projects and leadership development.


  • Cross-curricular lesson plans with objectives
  • All necessary handouts and worksheets
  • Short oral history videos of Medal of Honor Recipients and citizen heroes
  • Short biographies of selected Medal of Honor Recipients
  • A bibliography with additional recommended resources


  • In public, private, parochial, charter, and home schools
  • In Social Studies or History, English/ Language Arts, Math, Science, and other academic classes
  • Through an advisory program
  • As part of a school-wide character or anti-bullying initiative
  • With after school or community groups

I'm ready to start! What next?

ACCESS THE MATERIALS ON OUR WEBSITE: Our website contains all of the lessons and videos of the program. Create a free account, browse the lessons, and save your favorites to your dashboard.

ATTEND AN IN-PERSON TRAININGS We provide free professional development sessions throughout the country. Attendees participate in model lessons, work collaboratively with other educators, and learn about the Medal of Honor and the lessons from our trainers who are also full-time educators.

TAKE THE ONLINE TRAINING Take part in our free online training experience to learn about the Medal of Honor, work through several lesson modules, hear tips from our training team, and connect virtually with other educators through our message board.

WEBINARS Take part in our webinar series, which features student-focused interviews with Medal of Honor Recipients as well as content-driven webinars about our lessons for educators. All are available for free!

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This program is fully funded by donations. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of those who see promise in sharing the stories of heroes with the next generation. Our generous donors include:

The Aruther M. Blank Family Foundation


Blue Forge Alliance

What Teachers are Saying

“This is one of the most comprehensive, thoughtful and practical character development tools that I have ever seen. It has multiple applications, particularly for students at risk.”
“The program is amazing! I run a self-contained classroom for students at academic risk. I have used this curriculum as the framework for an American Lit/US History course. The kids LOVE these videos! It has provided tremendous role models for my students.”
“This program is a great resource for teachers, such as myself. Being able to bring positive role models into the classroom virtually is an incredible asset. This program is socially and academically educational.”
"I love the program and character development should be taught in more classrooms and schools. Students need to see that life has challenges and they can be overcome. To many students now expect everything to be easy and given to them. It is important for them to see the sacrifices of others so that they can enjoy the freedoms they do today."

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