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Feb 26 2014

Lessons on Sacrifice and Selflessness

February 26, 2014

FEBRUARY 26, 2014 LESSONS ON SACRIFICE AND SELFLESSNESS This webinar uses examples from CDP lesson plans to highlight sacrifice and selflessness, including a lesson plan on a Medal of Honor…

Mar 25 2014

Interview with a Hero: Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice

March 25, 2014

MARCH 25, 2014 INTERVIEW WITH A HERO: LESSONS OF PERSONAL BRAVERY AND SELF-SACRIFICE Teachers and students hear the personal story of Medal of Honor Recipient Harold "Hal" A. Fritz, who…

Apr 23 2014

Beyond Common Core: “Using Primary Sources to Promote Critical Thinking”

April 23, 2014

APRIL 23, 2014 BEYOND COMMON CORE: USING PRIMARY SOURCES TO PROMOTE CRITICAL THINKING This webinar presents specific and reproducible examples to show how students can use critical thinking skills to…

Jun 24 2014

An American Hero Brings History to Life

June 24, 2014

JUNE 24, 2014 AN AMERICAN HERO BRINGS HISTORY TO LIFE Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipient, Harvey C. “Barney” Barnum, Jr. takes questions from a live audience and shares his inspirational…

Jul 29 2014

Putting Patriotism into Action: Resources for Your Classroom

July 29, 2014

JULY 29, 2014 PUTTING PATRIOTISM INTO ACTION: STORIES, LESSONS AND RESOURCES FOR YOUR CLASSROOM Eighth grade teacher Karen Wilkins uses the story of Al Rascon, a Medal of Honor Recipient…

Aug 20 2014

Capturing Life Lessons through Art: Creative Activities to Help Students Embrace Personal Values

August 20, 2014

AUGUST 20, 2014 CAPTURING LIFE LESSONS THROUGH ART: CREATIVE ACTIVITIES TO HELP STUDENTS EMBRACE… Many students struggle when asked to define abstract values like commitment or courage. In this webinar…

Sep 24 2014

Teaching Commitment: Keep Your Kids on Course ALL Year

September 24, 2014

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 TEACHING COMMITMENT: KEEP YOUR KIDS ON COURSE ALL YEAR Presenter Noel Wall explores lessons and activities that foster commitment, how to use the free Medal of Honor…

Nov 03 2014

Heroism in the War on Terror: An Interview with Clint Romesha, Medal of Honor Recipient

November 3, 2014

NOVEMBER 03, 2014 HEROISM IN THE WAR ON TERROR: AN INTERVIEW WITH CLINT ROMESHA Clint Romesha, one of the youngest of the 79 living Medal of Honor Recipients, shares his…

Dec 03 2014

History Goes to the Movies: Historical Fiction’s Place in the Classroom

December 3, 2014

DECEMBER 03, 2014 HISTORY GOES TO THE MOVIES: HISTORICAL FICTION'S PLACE IN THE CLASSROOM Many school children learn about pivotal historical happenings not from their textbooks but from feature films.…

Jan 27 2015

Lessons in Leadership: The Forgotten War Remembered

January 27, 2015

JANUARY 27, 2015 LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP: THE FORGOTTEN WAR REMEMBERED Using the Korean War as a backdrop, presenter Dana Maddock examines how the story of Medal of Honor Recipient Reginald…

Feb 22 2015

Incorporating Character Education into Your STEM Lessons

February 22, 2015

FEBRUARY 22, 2015INCORPORATING CHARACTER EDUCATION INTO YOUR STEM LESSONSSeventh Grade Math Teacher Tim Smith shares how to use the Medal of Honor Character Development curriculum to motivate your students to…

Apr 26 2015

Medal of Honor Recipient Bennie G. Adkins

April 26, 2015

APRIL 26, 2015 COURAGE, CHARACTER AND COMMITMENT: INTERVIEW WITH MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT BENNIE G. ADKINS Medal of Honor Recipient Bennie G. Adkins discusses what the Medal of Honor means…