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Valor Hour

As teachers, we’ve overcome some incredible obstacles during the last year.  One of the biggest challenges, whether in the classroom or through hybrid/distance learning, is SEL-based lesson planning. We want to introduce you to Valor Hour! With just one hour a week, you can teach those SEL values to your K-12 students. Our free by-teachers-for-teachers Character Development Program provides ready-to-teach lessons for your weekly curriculum!

With free pre-made lessons, videos, worksheets, and more, you can create your own Valor Hour and feel confident you are shaping the minds and hearts of your students. Use this series of weekly lessons to share the true stories of Medal of Honor Recipients and teach students what it means to live lives of character.


The Character Development Program provides both Elementary and Secondary lessons, complete with individual and group activities, worksheets, extended activity suggestions, and more. All of our free lessons are available for download 24/7, allowing you to incorporate them into your curriculum at your convenience.

During Valor Hour, K-12 grade students are invited to practice a variety of academic skills while developing values that will benefit them and their communities.


These resources give you flexibility to adapt lessons to your student demographic:

  • Online Training Program
  • Webinars
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Medal of Honor Living History guide
  • Suggestions for Further Reading (Secondary)
  • Book List (Elementary)
  • Quotes from Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Living History videos
  • + More

Featured Lesson Plans

Teach your students about Memorial Day and its significance with these pre-made lessons and activities!

Students will learn:

  • The history and importance of Memorial Day in America
  • The importance of sacrifice and how we can remember the fallen

The lessons include:

  • Two full-length lessons and two mini lessons to make it easy to incorporate one or more into your classroom this month
  • A new video highlighting Medal of Honor Recipients reflecting on those with whom they served
  • New reading resources about the history of Memorial Day and D-Day
  • Graphic organizers, worksheets and quizzes to help you assess student learning
This is the best program that I have ever used in my classroom. I am honored to be able to share this with my students. Kimberly
High School Social Studies Teacher in Tennessee
It is an EXCELLENT program overall. I wish we would have started it earlier! Shannon
ELA Teacher from Illinois
The program is a valuable tool for me as an educator and for my students. It has been helpful in understanding the responsibilities and sometimes the costs of being an active, responsible citizen, and in developing an appreciation for our nation and those who serve.

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