Congressional Medal of Honor Society

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Citizen Honors – Austen Macmillan, 2024 Young Hero Honoree

Austen Macmillan is selected as the Young Hero Honoree for his act of heroism on September 4, 2023, when he pulled his behavioral therapist from a swimming pool and performed […]

Citizen Honors – Cody Runyon, 2020 Young Hero Honoree

Cody Runyon, of Rochester, MN, at thirteen-years-old, pulled an eleven-year-old fellow swimmer from the bottom of a pool after the younger boy had sunk and become unresponsive. Cody noticed the […]

Citizen Honors – Chris Stone, 2021 Valor Honoree

Chris Stone was selected for his extreme valor when he used his body as a human barricade on May 18, 2018 to keep a school shooter from entering a classroom, […]

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