Congressional Medal of Honor Society

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Citizen Honors – Matthew Cobos, 2018 Valor Honoree

Matthew Cobos was honored for his courageous act on October 1, 2017, when he shielded and provided life-saving medical treatment to concertgoers injured in a mass shooting during the Route […]

Citizen Honors – Brandon Tsay, 2024 Single Act of Heroism Award

Brandon Tsay is selected as a Single Act of Heroism Honoree for his act of heroism on August 9, 2023, when he disarmed the Monterey Park, California, mass shooter at […]

Citizen Honors – James Vernon, 2016 Valor Honoree

James Vernon of Morton, Ill., was honored for his courageous act on October 13, 2015 when he subdued a would-be attacker who threatened to kill 20 middle school students and […]

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