Congressional Medal of Honor Society

79 Medical Aid & Corpsman Medal of Honor Recipients

Alfred V. Rascon

Vietnam War

1966 - Long Khanh Province, Vietnam

David R. Ray

Vietnam War

1969 - Phu Loc 6, near An Hoa, Quang Nam Province, Republic of Vietnam

Louis R. Rocco

Vietnam War

1970 - northeast of Katum, Republic of Vietnam

Clarence E. Sasser

Vietnam War

1968 - Ding Tuong Province, Republic of Vietnam

Daniel J. Shea

Vietnam War

1969 - Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam

David F. Winder

Vietnam War

1970 - Republic of Vietnam

Ronald J. Shurer II

War on Terrorism (Afghanistan)

2008 - Shok Valley, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan

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