San Antonio, Texas, has been announced as the host city for the 2024 Medal of Honor Convention.

Congressional Medal of Honor Society

8 Submariner Medal of Honor Recipients

Henry Breault

Interim 1920 - 1940

1923 - Limon Bay, Canal Zone, Panama

John P. Cromwell

World War II

1943 - off Truk Island, off Truk Island, South Pacific

Samuel D. Dealey

World War II

1944 - off Tawi Tawi, Sulu Archipelago, Philippine Islands

Eugene B. Fluckey

World War II

1944 - Namkwan Harbor along coast of China, China

Howard W. Gilmore

World War II

1943 - Southwest Pacific

Richard H. O'Kane

World War II

1944 - Vicinity of Formosa Straits, Philippine Islands

Lawson Paterson "Red" Ramage

World War II

1944 - off Taiwan

George L. Street III

World War II

1945 - Quelpart Island harbor, Quelpart Island, Korea

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