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Korean War - U.S. Army

Lloyd Leslie "scooter" Burke

  • Rank: First Lieutenant (Highest Rank: Colonel)
  • Conflict/Era: Korean War
  • Unit/Command:
    Company G, 2d Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment,
    1st Cavalry Division
  • Military Service Branch: U.S. Army
  • Medal of Honor Action Date: October 28, 1951
  • Medal of Honor Action Place: Chong-dong, Korea
First Lt. Burke, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and outstanding courage above and beyond the call of duty in action against the enemy. Intense enemy fire had pinned down leading elements of his company committed to secure commanding ground when 1st Lt. Burke left the command post to rally and urge the men to follow him toward three bunkers impeding the advance. Dashing to an exposed vantage point he threw several grenades at the bunkers, then, returning for an M1 rifle and adapter, he made a lone assault, wiping out the position and killing the crew. Closing on the center bunker he lobbed grenades through the opening and, with his pistol, killed three of its occupants attempting to surround him. Ordering his men forward he charged the third emplacement, catching several grenades in midair and hurling them back at the enemy. Inspired by his display of valor his men stormed forward, overran the hostile position, but were again pinned down by increased fire. Securing a light machine gun and three boxes of ammunition, 1st Lt. Burke dashed through the impact area to an open knoll, set up his gun, and poured a crippling fire into the ranks of the enemy, killing approximately 75. Although wounded, he ordered more ammunition, reloading and destroying two mortar emplacements and a machine-gun position with his accurate fire. Cradling the weapon in his arms he then led his men forward, killing some 25 more of the retreating enemy and securing the objective. First Lt. Burke's heroic action and daring exploits inspired his small force of 35 troops. His unflinching courage and outstanding leadership reflect the highest credit upon himself, the infantry, and the U.S. Army.
Medal of Honor Recipient Lloyd Leslie "scooter" Burke
Medal of Honor Recipient Lloyd Leslie "scooter" Burke
Additional Details
  • Accredited to: Stuttgart, Arkansas County, Arkansas
  • Awarded Posthumously: No
  • Presentation Date & Details: April 11, 1952
    The White House, presented by Pres. Harry S. Truman
  • Born: September 29, 1924, Tichnor, Arkansas County, AR, United States
  • Died: June 1, 1999, Hot Springs, AR, United States
  • Buried: Arlington National Cemetery (MH) (7A-155), Arlington, VA, United States

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