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Charles W. Anderson

U.S. Civil War

1865 - Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

Everett W. Anderson

U.S. Civil War

1864 - Crosby's Creek, Tennessee, USA

Frederick C. Anderson

U.S. Civil War

1864 - Weldon Railroad, Virginia, USA

Marion T. Anderson

U.S. Civil War

1864 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Peter T. Anderson

U.S. Civil War

1865 - Bentonville, North Carolina, USA

Robert N. Anderson

U.S. Civil War

1863 - Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Thomas Anderson

U.S. Civil War

1865 - Appomattox Station, Virginia, USA

James Anderson

Indian Campaigns

1870 - Wichita River, Texas, USA

Edwin A. Anderson

Mexican Campaign (Vera Cruz)

1914 - Vera Cruz, Mexico

James Anderson Jr.

Vietnam War

1967 - northwest of Cam Lo, Republic of Vietnam

John Andrews

Korean Campaign 1871

1871 - Korean Forts, Korea

John Angling

U.S. Civil War

1865 - Fort Fisher & Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Featured Recipients

Featured Recipients

We Are Forever Grateful

Medal of Honor Recipients are a part of something greater. They collectively embody the values that we as a country strive to uphold—courage, bravery, and the desire and dedication to do what is right in the midst of life’s most difficult circumstances. But they are also unique. They are parents and siblings, colleagues and friends. They are ordinary people who did extraordinary things, each with their own story to tell.

Honor their sacrifice today so we may shape a better future tomorrow.

Korean War

Ralph Puckett, Jr.

Puckett was presented the Medal of Honor on May 21, 2021, by President Joseph Biden, Jr., making him the most recent Recipient of the Medal of Honor. He was recognized for his actions in Korea on November 25-26, 1950.

Vietnam War

Garfield M. Langhorn

When Pfc. Langhorn's platoon came under intense attack, the casualties were placed away from the perimeter where he was radioing directions to overhead gunships and providing protective fire . An enemy grenade landed not far from his wounded comrades-in-arms. Seeing the danger, Langhorn threw himself on the grenade and pulled it into his own body. In giving his own life, he saved the lives of others, and for that, he was presented the Medal of Honor. 

Korean War

Ambrosio Guillen

SSgt. Guillen inspired his platoon to successfully repel a much larger force through courageous leadership, exposing himself to enemy fire while directing the men under his command and working to evacuate the wounded. Although he later succumbed to his wounds, was remembered by the lives he saved in his platoon.

World War II

Howard W. Gilmore

Damaged during a 1943 nighttime attack in the South Pacific, the submarine U.S.S. Growler needed to dive to save her crew. Gilmore, commander of the boat, was the last to leave the bridge. Realizing his wounds were too grievous to make it off the deck in time, his last order was "take her down." His remains were never recovered. For this final act, and for his brilliant command over the previous month, Gilmore received the Medal of Honor.

Vietnam War

Charles C. Hagemeister

Charles C. Hagemeister passed away May 19, 2021, at the age of 74. He was presented the Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam on March 20, 1967.

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