Community Programs

Scholarship Fund

Contribute whatever you would like to help support the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Scholarship Fund so we can help give kids an education and a brighter future.

Send donations to:

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society
40 Patriots Point Road
Patriots Point, SC 29464

Adopt a living MOH Recipient:
Adopt a MOH recipient. Learn about your recipient and let him know how you feel about him and his sacrifices.

Honor a past Recipient at a local grave:
Visit a local grave site to honor MOH Recipients and other veterans that gave all they had.

Have a Patriotic School Assembly:
Have one of the over 100 living recipients come and speak to your school and give the kids a bit of living history to learn from.

Memorial Day Celebration:
The day off from school/work is nice but learn how you can pay tribute to those that died for the American people.