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Credit: Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

Medal of Honor Outreach Program

Veterans Outreach Program

The Veterans Outreach Program is on the frontline, targeting the resiliency and wellness challenges of the veteran and active-duty military communities. This program connects Medal of Honor Recipients with organizations in the public and private sector which are tackling these issues. While not trained clinicians, Recipients use their personal experiences to engage through motivation, inspiration and providing a positive example.

Recipients provide leadership in addressing:

  • Mental health, including post-traumatic stress and suicide prevention
  • Alcohol and substance abuse or addiction
  • Behavioral or physical challenges
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Transition to civilian life

Targeted organizations and programs include any with a focus on the resiliency and wellness of veterans and military, whether in the public or private sphere.

Event ideas range from seminars and forums to professional development sessions or leadership workshops. Recipients can participate as speakers, team leaders, or even just provide camaraderie and inspiration.

Recipient Outreach Program

The Recipient Outreach Program continues the Recipients' service by engaging with public organizations which are positively impacting their communities and which value the characteristics of the Medal of Honor: Courage, Integrity, Commitment, Sacrifice, Citizenship and Patriotism. Recipients carry this message forward as speakers or participants on the topics of leadership, character-building, patriotism, legacy and integrity. For certain organizations, the costs for a Recipient's attendance may be offset by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Targeted organizations include veterans' organizations, military service academies, ROTC/JROTC, community groups, and higher education organizations.

Event ideas can be seminars, forums, panel discussions, reunions, conventions, or patriotic dedications.

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To contact a Recipient or issue an invitation, please fill out the form below and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society will forward your correspondence. If you have a general question about the Medal of Honor or the Society or its programs, please use the Contact Us page.

If writing by mail, please place your correspondence in an envelope with sufficient postage, a return address and the name of the Recipient you wish to contact. Then, please place that mailing in a second envelope, and address it to:

Congressional Medal of Honor Society
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