Congressional Medal of Honor Society

Nominate A Citizen Hero

If you are aware of a fellow citizen, neighbor, co-worker, or family member who deserves recognition for extraordinary acts of courage or service, nominate him or her today for the Citizen Honors Awards.

Nominee Requirements

To be nominated, someone must:

  • Have clearly demonstrated a willingness to place his or her own life at risk for others or have dedicated themselves to the service of others.
  • Show actions which epitomize the concept of “service above self” and are performed “above and beyond” the individual’s job responsibilities.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen.

Please note that:

  • All acts must have occurred within the 12 months prior to nomination.
  • Acts of valor or service cannot have been performed towards one’s own family members.
  • Community organizations must be certified non-profits and must currently be in operation.
  • Government and government-affiliated organizations are not eligible.
  • Self-nominations for individual awards will not be accepted.
  • Multiple nominations for the same individual or organization are not necessary.

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