Congressional Medal of Honor Society

Statistics & FAQs

Number of Medals of Honor Awarded

3536 Total

Number of Medal of Honor Recipients

3517 Total

Number of Living Medal of Honor Recipients

61 Total

Number of Medals of Honor Awarded
Per Conflict/Era


Jacob Parrott

U.S. Civil War

First Recipient Ever

Mary E. Walker

U.S. Civil War

First and Only Woman Recipient

Douglas A. Munro

World War II

First and Only Coast Guard Recipient

William H. Carney

U.S. Civil War

First African American Recipient

Joseph H. Decastro

U.S. Civil War

First Hispanic or Latino Recipient

James Smith

Interim 1871 - 1899

First Asian-Pacific Recipient

Co-Rux-Te-Chod-Ish (Mad Bear)

Indian Campaigns

First Native American/American Indian Recipient

Benjamin B. Levy

U.S. Civil War

First Jewish Recipient

William "Willie" Johnston

U.S. Civil War

Youngest Recipient

Noteworthy Lists

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