Community Programs


Get involved in your community and get local recipients and recipient families to come to your community and help teach kids about patriotism and further the Goals of the Society.

Adopt a living MOH Recipient:
Adopt a MOH recipient. Learn about your recipient and let him know how you feel about him and his sacrifices.

Honor a past Recipient at a local grave:
Visit a local grave site to honor MOH Recipients and other veterans that gave all they had.

Contribute to the CMOHS Scholarship Fund:
Help the Society fund scholarships to worthy young people in search of higher education.

Have a Patriotic School Assembly:
Have one of the over 100 living recipients come and speak to your school and give the kids a bit of living history to learn from.

Memorial Day Celebration:
The day off from school/work is nice but learn how you can pay tribute to those that died for the American people.