Recipient Detail



Rank: Specialist Fourth Class
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: 3rd Platoon, Delta Company
Division: 1st Infantry Regiment, 196th Brigade
Born: 2 February 1949
Departed: Yes (01/17/1970)
Entered Service At: Coweta, Oklahoma
G.O. Number:
Date of Issue: 09/15/2014
Accredited To: Coweta, Oklahoma
Place / Date: Near Hawk Hill Fire Base, Republic of Vietnam, 17 January 1970


On the morning of Jan. 17, 1970, Sloat's squad was conducting a patrol, serving as a blocking element in support of tanks and armored personnel carriers from F Troop in the Que Son valley. As the squad moved through dense up a small hill in file formation, the lead Soldier tripped a wire attached to a hand grenade booby-trap, set up by enemy forces. When the grenade rolled down the hill toward Sloat, he had a choice. He could hit the ground and seek cover, or pick up the grenade and throw it away from his fellow Soldiers. After initially attempting to throw the grenade, Sloat realized that detonation was imminent, and that two or three men near him would be killed or seriously injured if he couldn't shield them from the blast. In an instant, Sloat chose to draw the grenade to his body, shielding his squad members from the blast, and saving their lives. Sloat's actions define the ultimate sacrifice of laying down his own life in order to save the lives of his comrades. Specialist Four Donald P. Sloat's extraordinary heroism and selflessness are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service, and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.