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World War II - U.S. Army

Keith Lincoln Ware

  • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel (Highest Rank: Major General)
  • Conflict/Era: World War II
  • Unit/Command:
    1st Battalion, 15th Infantry,
    3d Infantry Division
  • Military Service Branch: U.S. Army
  • Medal of Honor Action Date: December 26, 1944
  • Medal of Honor Action Place: near Sigolsheim, France
Commanding the 1st Battalion attacking a strongly held enemy position on a hill near Sigolsheim, France, on 26 December 1944, Lt. Col. Ware found that one of his assault companies had been stopped and forced to dig in by a concentration of enemy artillery, mortar, and machine-gun fire. The company had suffered casualties in attempting to take the hill. Realizing that his men must be inspired to new courage, Lt. Col. Ware went forward 150 yards beyond the most forward elements of his command, and for two hours reconnoitered the enemy positions, deliberately drawing fire upon himself which caused the enemy to disclose his dispositions. Returning to his company, he armed himself with an automatic rifle and boldly advanced upon the enemy, followed by two officers, nine enlisted men, and a tank. Approaching an enemy machine gun, Lt. Col. Ware shot two German riflemen and fired tracers into the emplacement, indicating its position to his tank, which promptly knocked the gun out of action. Lt. Col. Ware turned his attention to a second machine gun, killing two of its supporting riflemen and forcing the others to surrender. The tank destroyed the gun. Having expended the ammunition for the automatic rifle, Lt. Col. Ware took up an M1 rifle, killed a German rifleman, and fired upon a third machine gun 50 yards away. His tank silenced the gun. Upon his approach to a fourth machine gun, its supporting riflemen surrendered and his tank disposed of the gun. During this action Lt. Col. Ware's small assault group was fully engaged in attacking enemy positions that were not receiving his direct and personal attention. Five of his party of 11 were casualties and Lt. Col. Ware was wounded, but refused medical attention until this important hill position was cleared of the enemy and securely occupied by his command.
Medal of Honor Recipient Keith L. Ware
Medal of Honor Recipient Keith L. Ware
Additional Details
  • Accredited to: Glendale, Los Angeles County, California
  • Awarded Posthumously: No
  • Presentation Date & Details: April 23, 1945
    Zepman Stadium, Nuremberg, Germany, presented by Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Patch III
  • Born: November 23, 1915, Denver, Denver County, CO, United States
  • Died: September 13, 1968, Cambodia
  • Buried: Arlington National Cemetery (MH) (30-258-3), Arlington, VA, United States
  • Location of Medal: National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, Fort Benning, GA

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