Congressional Medal of Honor Society

681 Medal of Honor Recipients who have Fallen in Service (KIA, Wounds, Illness)

Herbert A. Littleton

Korean War

1951 - Chungchon, Korea

Edgar H. Lloyd

World War II

1944 - near Pompey, France

George Lloyd

Indian Campaigns

1890 - Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota, USA

Donald R. Lobaugh

World War II

1944 - near Afua, New Guinea

John A. Logan Jr.

Philippine Insurrection

1899 - San Jacinto, Luzon, Philippine Islands

Charles R. Long

Korean War

1951 - near Hoeng-song, Korea

Donald R. Long

Vietnam War

1966 - Republic of Vietnam

Baldomero Lopez

Korean War

1950 - Inchon, Korea

Charles J. Loring Jr.

Korean War

1952 - near Sniper Ridge, Korea

Carlos J. Lozada

Vietnam War

1967 - Hill 875, near Dak To, Kontum Province, Republic of Vietnam

Andre C. Lucas

Vietnam War

1970 - Fire Support Base Ripcord, Republic of Vietnam

Frank Luke Jr.

World War I

1918 - near Murvaux, France

Jack Lummus

World War II

1945 - Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands

William F. Lyell

Korean War

1951 - near Chup'a-ri, Korea

John D. Magrath

World War II

1945 - near Castel d'Aiano, Italy

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