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Honoring Veterans Day in the Classroom Webinar

This webinar presents ideas for honoring veterans in your classroom or school. For links to all lessons mentioned in this webinar, click here: Learn more about the Character Development […]

The Courage of the Submariner

Featuring the stories of Medal of Honor Recipients Eugene Fluckey and Richard O’Kane, this video highlights the dangerous missions carried out by Submariners during the Pacific Campaign of WWII. The […]

González, Alfredo “Freddy” Vietnam War Medal of Honor Recipient

The story of Vietnam War Medal of Honor Recipient Alfredo “Freddy” González is recounted by his mother Dolia González, those he served with, and those who carry on his legacy.

James Taylor: Dear Young American, “Stand Up & Go Forth”

James Taylor, Medal of Honor Recipient, speaks to America’s youth. Film by the Military Times.

Introduction to the Citizen Honors Awards

Whether they happen in a single instance of bravery or through continued service to others, acts of courage and self-sacrifice symbolize the American spirit—and are recognized every year by our […]

Citizen Honors – Jennifer DeLuca, 2023 Service Act Award

Jennifer DeLuca is known as a visionary who has used her understanding of the veteran community, as well as the private, public, and political sectors, to make a positive impact […]

Citizen Honors – Anthony Alexander, Jr., 2023 Young Hero Award

Anthony Alexander, Jr. is selected as a Young Hero honoree for his act of heroism on February 21, 2022, when he came to the immediate aid of three young children […]

Citizen Honors – U.S.Vets, 2023 Community Service Award

U.S.VETS is on a mission to end veteran homelessness in the United States. The organization was founded by veterans to serve fellow veterans and is the leading nonprofit dedicated to […]

Citizen Honors – Richard Fierro, 2023 Single Act of Heroism Award

Richard Fierro is selected for his singular act of heroism on November 19, 2022, when he charged through a chaotic crowd at a nightclub in Colorado Springs to stop an […]

Citizen Honors – Jean Kuczka, 2023 Single Act of Heroism Award

Jean Kuczka is selected for her singular act of heroism on October 24, 2022, when she stood in front of her students at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School […]

Citizen Honors – Dominique Claseman, 2023 Youth Service Award

Dominique Claseman wanted to show appreciation for the long line of men who have served our country and realized the need for a memorial in his town and. Dominique set […]

Medal of Honor Character Development Program Overview

Learn more about the Character Development Program, a curriculum resource designed by teachers, using the stories of Medal of Honor Recipients to spark conversations about the values of courage, commitment, […]