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James McCloughan Webinar

A virtual interview with James C. McCloughan, a Medal of Honor Recipient for the Vietnam War.

Citizen Honor PSA

Citizen Honors – David Dorn, 2021 Valor Honoree

David Dorn was selected for his courage when he was mortally wounded while saving his friend’s business from looters.

Citizen Honors – Chris Stone, 2021 Valor Honoree

Chris Stone was selected for his extreme valor when he used his body as a human barricade on May 18, 2018 to keep a school shooter from entering a classroom, […]

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Citizen Honors – Raina Neeland, 2021 Valor Honoree

Raina Neeland was selected for her courageous act when she rescued three young cousins after they were swept over the Clearwater Dam at Clearwater Lake. She succumbed to the currents.

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McCloughan, James – Vietnam War Medal of Honor Recipient

Living history interview with James McCloughan, Medal of Honor recipient for the Vietnam War.

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Citizen Honors – Gary Sinise Foundation, 2021 Community Service Award

The Gary Sinise Foundation was selected for their outstanding service to our military, their families and first responders. Now in its 10th year of operation, GSF honors our defenders, veterans, […]

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Citizen Honors – Charles “Charlie” Austin, 2021 Youth Service Award

Charles “Charlie” Austin was chosen for his selfless service for donating time and money to help fund and develop The Warrior Program, a virtual training program for Special Olympics Maine […]

Citizen Honors – James Kanoff & Aidan Reilly “FarmLink Project”, 2021 Service Act Award

James Kanoff and Aidan Reilly were chosen for their selfless service as they responded to a nationwide crisis during (and because of) a global pandemic to create a grassroots initiative […]

September 19, 1968 Medal of Honor Presentation

President Lyndon B. Johnson presented the Medal of Honor to Delbert Jennings, Leonard Keller, David McNerney, Kenneth Stumpf, and Raymond Wright, for valor during the Vietnam War.

Michael P. Murphy Medal of Honor Presentation

In a October 22, 2007, in a White House ceremony, Michael P. Murphy’ s parents accepted his Medal of Honor from President George W. Bush. Lt. Murphy was presented the […]